Our Photographers do a lot more than just press that shutter release. Not only do we have to pose you in the correct light, evoke true emotion out of you, but we also need to know how to correctly edit an image.

Any image that goes into an album, or that is ordered for a print, canvas, etc. get a lot of TLC from us! All you do is pick them out Here is a little before and after to show you how we edit the images. The before images are straight out of the camera, this is how you will see them. Once you have selected your favourites, here are a few examples of the finished image (after).

Enhancements cover the following areas…Colour to Black & White Conversions, Exposure, Colour Corrections, Contrast & Clarity, Saturations & Vibrancies, Noise (grain) Reduction, Allignments. Retouching is a lot more in depth and we allow our couples to choose a selection for further editing. This covers areas like….Removing unwanted elements (spots, scars, stray hairs, skin imperfections, Unwanted bins bags and even people!) Teeth whitening, manipulating and sampling background environment. We can even open closed eyes!!!









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